她被扒光衣服全裸搜身! 加拿大边境服务局(CBSA)2年遭800次投诉


近日,加拿大39岁女子吉尔-纳普(Jill Knapp)首次公开讲述了自己在机场遭受的不正当对待,引起广泛关注。

Jill Knapp says an interrogation and strip search at Vancouver International Airport left her so traumatized she developed anxiety. (Nicolas Amaya/CBC)
Jill Knapp在机场遭到脱衣检查


加拿大国家广播公司CBC2019年6月9日报道,吉尔于2016年在温哥华国际机场被误认为是毒品走私犯,在被搜查行李未果后,遭机场拘留数小时,最终被脱衣搜身。事后吉尔对安检人员提出投诉,但直到如今,加拿大边境服务局(Canada Border Services Agency,简称CBSA)仍未对事件作出令人满意的答复。


Jill Knapp shows Erica Johnson the six-page complaint she filed with the Canada Border Services Agency after an agent accused her of drug-smuggling, detained her without food or her phone and suggested a strip search. (Nicolas Amaya/CBC)






“他说,‘我每天都和你这样的人打交道。’” 吉尔称,工作人员在检查了一切随身物品没有结果后,仍然不愿罢休。

A drug-sniffing dog like this one did not find anything suspicious in Knapp’s suitcase or on her body. (The Canadian Press)






Canada’s border officers have a code of conduct requiring them to act with “respect, integrity and professionalism.” (CBSA recruitment video)


Civil rights advocate Tim McSorley has been advocating for external oversight of the CBSA for many years. (Jean-Francois Benoit/CBC)
民权倡导者Tim McSorley多年来一直倡导对CBSA进行外部监督

“这完全不可接受,而且让人反感的是,当人们只是想去目的地旅行时,就会经历这样的事情。”一位民权倡导者蒂姆-麦克(Tim McSorley)表示,越来越多的旅客遭遇了公平的对待,有必要对CBSA进行独立监督。

近两年中,CBSA收到了800起以上对边境官不当行为的投诉(The documents contain more than 800 allegations investigated by the CBSA about border agents and inappropriate behaviour, including the following):

  • 边境官对我说:“像你这样根本负担不起旅行的人,通常都会贩毒。”
  • “Officer commented, ‘People like you who can’t afford to travel always traffic drugs.'”
  • 把我扔在地上,说“不要抵抗”,其他的边境官很享受这一幕,在一旁笑。
  • “Threw me on the ground, yelling ‘Don’t resist’… [other] agents loved this and were laughing.”
  • 把我拖进机场监狱,向对待垃圾一样对待我。
  • “Hauled into the airport jail and treated like trash.”
  • 多次叫我“白痴”(moron),还模仿我的英语口音。
  • “He called me moron more than once … mocked my … accent.”
  • 我被粗暴地搜身、拘留、审问,超过7个小时。
  • “I was roughly frisked … detained/held for questioning for seven hours.”
  • 他在行李领取处袭击了我…发表反犹太言论
  • “He attacked me in the baggage claim area … made anti-Semitic remarks.”
  • 用手推搡我,还骂脏话。
  • “He attacked me in the baggage claim area … made anti-Semitic remarks.”
  • 把我的iPad 砸碎了。
  • “They broke my iPad.”
  • 拿了一把刀出来,用威胁的方式在我面前比划,然后把刀插进了一个纸箱里。
  • “Pulled out a knife in a threatening manner … stared at me and then thrust the knife into the cardboard box.”




英文来源: Erica Johnson,CBC NewsMon, 10 Jun 2019 03:54 UTC



中文来源:舌尖上的军情 2019-06-10 http://mini.eastday.com/a/190610213247473.html







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